Connect your frontend to the cloud. For free, forever.

OneDB is an open source, decentralized backend - it handles user authentication, data storage, and validation, so you can focus on creating a beautiful user interface.

Anyone can host a OneDB instance, and end-users can decide where they want to store their data. This means end-users have complete control and ownership over their data. And by utilizing the existing network of OneDB instances, you can deploy your app for free, forever.

Infinite Scale

  • Develop and deploy cloud-enabled apps without worrying about backend infrastructure
  • Data validation and storage are handled by the growing network of OneDB instances
  • Users can log in, save their data, and share it with other users in the OneDB network

Zero Cost

  • Deploying an app with OneDB is free for developers, forever, at any scale
  • Each instance in the network is responsible for paying its own infrastructure costs
  • The instance at allows up to 10MB of free storage per user

Data Liberation

  • OneDB gives users complete ownership of their data
  • Users can store data on their hard drive, inside their company's intranet, or on a cloud provider
  • Fine-grained permissions give users complete control over their data

Powerful Tools with a Simple Interface

OneDB makes it easy to add user authentication, data storage, and validation to your frontend. Check out the documentation to learn more.

Meet the OneDB Team


Bobby Brennan is the lead developer for OneDB. He has spent the last four years building backend developer tools at DataFire, maintains a number of open source projects, and previously worked for Google as a Senior Software Engineer


Andrew Brennan has extensive experience in the software industry, particularly in product management, sales, and marketing. He currently works at DataFire, and was previously at InsightSquared.


Throop Wilder has co-founded and built successful startups in computer software, networking hardware, and energy storage. Throop co-founded American Internet (sold to Cisco Systems) and Crossbeam Systems (sold to Blue Coat / Symantec). He later founded and ran 24m Technologies, a manufacturer of ultra-low cost lithium-ion batteries.


Bob Brennan has built and run several software companies throughout his career. He recently retired as CEO of Veracode, which was sold to CA Technologies in April, 2017. Prior to Veracode, Bob served as CEO of Iron Mountain, which had acquired his previous company, Connected Corporation

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